Going the extra mile

Wayne Stuckey, a 42-year-old Field Sales Manager and running enthusiast from Shrewsbury, talks about how Pernaton® Gel Forte has kept his running and fitness on track.

Many runners will know all too well some of the injuries that can be easily sustained from clocking up the miles. One of the most common complaints are shin splints; the excessive force that causes muscles to swell and increases the pressure against the bone, leading to pain and inflammation.

For Wayne Stuckey, a keen half-marathon runner, the pain suffered was sometimes unbearable and stopped him enjoying a hobby he’s pursued for over 20 years.

Wayne explains: “I live in a beautiful part of the country and the way I relax is to set out for a run to enjoy the countryside and wildlife. I try to run three times a week, however about 18 months ago I developed shin splints. It was very painful and prevented me from running which I found really frustrating.

I went to see my GP and they sent me to a Physio but it wasn’t until I used Pernaton® Gel Forte that I was able to see results and enjoy my running again, pain-free! After a week or so of massaging the heated gel onto my legs before each run the inflammation was reduced.

I feel like I have found something that really works and I have set myself the challenge of running 500 miles this year.”

Pernaton® Gel Forte creates a lasting and pleasantly warm feeling which stimulates muscles and increases circulation in the skin. The warming gel is ideal for sports people or people whose joints are already badly worn due to excessive stress. The gel is also 100% natural and drug-free and so is suitable for use by professional sports men and women.




Some patients can avoid use of painkillers and have joint pain relieved naturally

Dr George Patrick Hopkinson, a GP in Suffolk, talks about the benefits of Pernaton Gel and the results his patients have experienced after using it.

Joint pain can strike at any time due to injuries, arthritis and general wear over time; it’s a common ailment that many people suffer on a daily basis, as Dr Hopkinson explains:

“I see many patients each week with arthritis or other generalised joint conditions and although many are on prescription drugs which do work effectively, an increasing number choose to top up their medication with drug-free treatment, particularly in these colder winter months, to soothe discomfort.

Dr Hopkinson continues: “Pernaton Gel is used by some of my patients and their feedback is very positive – the cooling sensation seems to offer much-needed relief to joint and muscle pain and means in some cases they do not additional pain relief, which is beneficial.”

Pernaton Gel contains the purest Green Lipped Mussel extract and is the only gel on the market which is 100% Perna extract. As it is all natural, it can be used alongside any prescription drugs you are already taking and offers an alternative or a top-up to painkillers.

The gel is non-greasy and full of natural goodness, as the original Perna extract used is a source of nourishing and soothing substances. It contains a high content of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other natural ingredients including menthol, pine needle oil and other essential oils – which when massaged into the skin can help increase circulation around the joints and relax stiff, aching muscles.